Last days of Savannah

The last few weeks in Savannah have been wonderful. I love reconnecting after the stress of the quarter is over. Students leave in a flurry of finals and packing and suddenly there is stillness in the city. The few that remain become my community, and I am so thankful for the time we get to share. From movies, to days in the park, to beach trips, it has been quite a fun send off. I will miss the slow Savannah pace, and biking everywhere. Lets be honest, hello New York means hello walking… When I return to Savannah in August I may just have to live on my bike for a day or so to get used to it again.

I am just about all packed up, but I can’t say I’m quite ready to go yet. I have a feeling my heart will be slow to leave Savannah. I may have to wait a while before it meets me in New York. So all of you in Savannah, take care of it till it returns to me.

Next post I will be in New York!! Wish me well, and say a prayer. May the Lord bless this trip; that it glorifies His name and He will use me to do His good works.