Cherche la Verite: Pictures from the Exhibition

I had a wonderful time working with some great artists on this show: Candace Whittemore Isaac McCaslin Lacey Fuquea Rhett Scott Xavier Robles de Medina and myself. Advertisements

Dissanayake on Cognitive Semiotics

So I have recently been studying the theories and philosophies behing installation and environmental art. It has brought up some very interesting articles like the one posted below by Ellen Dissanayake. The link… Continue reading

First Week Come and Gone!

Hey guys, sorry its been a while. I have been doing some overhauling on the blog, check out my new Images page on the top left bar on the homescreen. (I’m pretty excited… Continue reading

Tomorrow Marks the Beginning

Ladies and Gentlemen the day has come. I have spent five lovely days getting to know Toni, Chris, and CJ in New Jersey doing everything from movies at home to grocery shopping. They… Continue reading

Last days of Savannah

The last few weeks in Savannah have been wonderful. I love reconnecting after the stress of the quarter is over. Students leave in a flurry of finals and packing and suddenly there is… Continue reading

Meet the Gallery

Well, first post of the summer… here it is. I am so excited to share this wonderful opportunity with you and keep a log of everything that will be happening this summer. I… Continue reading